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Web site promotion is a dynamic discipline that is often misunderstood. Titan Marketing understands that building a web site to market your products and services is really just the first step in leveraging the Internet to attract and retain customers. Although a lot of resources can go into building a web presence, your web site has little value unless people can actually find the site.

That is why investing in web promotion programs to build traffic should not be overlooked when planning your marketing strategy. Search engines and directories are used by millions around the world to locate information. Below are some of the most important search engines:

As a Nashville marketing firm with strong knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, Titan Marketing knows how to promote and increase visitor traffic for your web site. Let us regularly submit your site to search engines, such as Google and AltaVista, and to directories, such as Yahoo. We will also seek out web sites where your site can be added as a link (in many cases for free) and provide you with comprehensive online advertising proposals so that your web site can be an autonomous vehicle for generating leads and sales. Indeed, without traffic even the best looking and functioning web sites will not achieve their potential.

Internet Marketing

One of the services that we provide for clients is management of a press release program. Regular company press releases keep your web site looking fresh and each press release web page is an additional potential landing page (i.e. door or entrance) into your web site. Click here to learn more about generating additional traffic and leads from your web site through press releases.

Another key online marketing service that we provide clients is expanding your web site through localization of web pages to reach fast-growing global markets, such as the Latin American and China markets. Our localization services include translation of text in English on web pages to Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The Internet is evolving so quickly that optimal techniques can change overnight. To keep ahead of the game, you should retain the services of an Internet marketing firm that understands your business and goals. Please contact us so that we can discuss your options and strategies for improving the amount and quality of your web site traffic.

Paid Placement Web Site Promotion on Yahoo and Google

Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) Account Management

Titan Marketing can manage your keyword listings and bids for Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) search engine promotion services. Overture allows you to place your product and/or service at the top of search engine results on popular web sites, such as Yahoo, MSN, CNN and AltaVista. Click on the Overture image to the right to learn more about Overture web promotion advertising options.

Google AdWords Account Management

Titan Marketing can also manage your keyword listings and bids for Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows you to place your product and/or service at the top of search engine results on popular web sites, including

Google Inc

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